ABOUT US (as of April 7, 2023)

The Alamo Area Alliance of Black School Educators (AAABSE now AAABSE, Inc.) was organized and founded in San Antonio, TX on June 24, 1989, just two years following the creation and activation of the Austin Alliance of Black School Education (AABSE). AAABSE, Inc. is now an IRS approved non-profit tax exempt 501 (c) (3) organization (effective October 2021). As we experience this transition, the organization has and is undergoing a new philosophical intent to service the San Antonio educational community its VISION, MISSION, OBJECTIVES, STRATEGIES AND ACTION (VMOSA) PLAN as follows:


AAABSE, Inc. is an organization of Educators whose sole purpose is to:

  • Support the education of kindergarten through twelfth grade; and to enhance academic performance that will reach beyond and into the lives of the family around them and their community.
  • Provide Continuing Education/Professional Development courses to enhance educators’ expertise of administrative and instructional applications.


  • Promote and facilitate the educational advancement of all students, especially those of ebony and other hues of color.
  • Create a forum(s) for the exchange of ideas and strategies to improve educational opportunities of all socio-economically disadvantage students and those of special needs.
  • Pursue and provide opportunities for various tutorial initiatives for students during the summer vacation period based on TEA criteria and requirements.
  • Promote membership among Alamo City Educators to affiliate with AAABSE, Inc. and the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE) as an associate member.
  • Promote, pursue and provide opportunities for continuing education and professional/administrative development for local educators based on Texas Education Agency TEA/TABSE criteria and requirements.

We have accomplished and sustained some of these goals through various projects, such as Summer Teach-ins, TAKS prep and remediation, Tutoring, Preparation for testing motivation and providing a Scholarship program for deserving area high school students.

OBJECTIVES:  Maintain and build on strength of existing State and National Alliances

AAABSE, Inc. is aligned under the purview of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE) Big 5 Priorities (“Big 5”) but has the latitude to operate 501(c) (3) tax exempt charitable corporation. As a newly formed 501(c) (3) tax exempt entity, AAABSE, Inc. is a start-up corporation with a limited funds base and will be strategizing to use different approaches and methodologies of occurring the necessary revenue to start, maintain and sustain the organization’s proposed AAABSE, Inc. Education Center to administer and operate the future activation of its Professional Development and Student Enrichment initiatives.

  • Identify actual funding received each of the last five years from all sources.
  • List amount of expenses incurred each of the last five years for all programs andinitiatives relative to impacts of modest levels of funding obtained. Develop a simple five-year income and expense table to illustrate funds received and expenditures for all categories.
  • Establish a basis for and assumptions to be used for anticipated revenue andincome/expenditures and known or expected costs related to each program or initiative historically undertaken over past five years.
  • Develop a preforming income & expense statement for next five years using new or different assumptions that all relate back to Article 5 of the new Articles of Incorporation under specific purposes.
  • Create a list of prospective donors, contributors, funders and corporate supporters that may have expressed interest in helping AAABSE expand its services and program offerings.
  • Identify a list of government agencies at the Federal, State and local level that could potentially help to sponsor or fund certain aspects of current and proposed programs that connect with and align to Article 5 of the new Articles of Incorporation for AAABSE, Inc.
  • In addition to creating a list of prospective donors or local funding sources, the new entity now officially known as AAABSE, Inc. should begin reaching out to regional and national foundations who are known to embrace of consider funding for innovative projects that demonstrate a strong community connection and that can be self-sustaining within three years.
  • Establish a firm timeline of action steps and program implementation milestones that are both realistic and relevant to Article 5 of the new Articles of Incorporation that was the major basis for the IRS approval of the 501-C3 charitable and educational purposes charter for AAABSE, Inc.


  • Continue partnering with parents, TABSE, NABSE and other possible entities and use our internal resources to attain current and desired future goals.
  • Lock in partnerships and communicate the collaboration to better the potential program success.
  • Keep up and maintain currency of our activities/programs to enhance student learning and teacher instructional techniques and applications.
  • Attain certification and share information with the educational community to expand our service to the community we serve.


  •  Teacher of the Year Recognition- May (revenue event when in-person)
  • Area Wide Middle School Bullying Symposium (non-revenue event)



  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Classroom Management
  • Soft Life Skills
  • Restorative Education
  • Financial Literacy
  • Time Management of Unexpected Change of Daily Activities/Curricula
  • Technology & Systems
  • Stress Management, Mental Health & Wellness


  • Bullying Topics (Middle School)
  • The 3 R’s (Elementary)
  • Financial Literacy (Middle- High School)
  • Mental Health & Wellness (Middle School)

AAABSE, Inc., a “Small Affiliate in Action,” is committed and strives to be more involved in the educational enhancements of the area San Antonio students’ academic performance and provide information and assistance to enhance administrative/instructional expertise of area administrators and teachers.

AAABSE, Inc. welcomes you aboard in its quest of “Bridging the Engagement Gap” in our educational community. We meet virtually on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm. So, “Come and see what we’re all about!” Or, contact us at aaabse.org for connecting with us…you’ll hear back from us.