Dear Educator(s) and Friend(s):

On behalf of the executive committee and members of the Alamo Area Alliance of Black School Educators, Incorporated (AAABSE, Inc.), an affiliate of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE), and member of NABSE (National Alliance of Black School Educators), we greet you with a big “Hello”.”

As noted in the ABOUT US information, AAABSE was founded in San Antonio, TX on June 24, 1989, but since October 2021, it is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization. After 34 years, AAABSE, Inc. continues to fledge as a “Small Affiliate in Action” with a new horizon.

AAABSE, Inc. will activate its Education Center in the near future of two educational modules: Professional Development and Student Enrichment. With these two platforms, AAABSE, Inc. will expand its involvement along with other partnerships to enhance the local educators’ expertise administratively and in the classroom. Additionally, we aspire to further assist area students to get a better understanding on how to improve their soft life skills and their academic performance as they matriculate through their various grade levels.

Additionally, we will be awarding scholarships this year to deserving students in their quest to attain a higher education degree as they graduate from high school.

We are excited about our transition and look forward to continue to do whatever we can to assist the San Antonio area educational community in its endeavors to move student academic performance and social development to a higher level and assist local educators in their professional development.  Our fiscal year has started and you are cordially invited to attend our virtual monthly meetings held on the second Tuesday of each month, starting at 6:00 pm.

Also, we welcome your becoming a member of AAABSE/TABSE. You may download our membership form and mail   it along with a payment of fees to AAABSE, Inc. Attn.: Dorothy Carroll., 7127 Hidden Hills N, San Antonio, Texas 78244 or use our website to submit the application and payment as an alternative. Please contact Dr. Patsy Newborn at (210) 313-5463 or Claudette Anderson, (210) 262-3424 for more details.

We thank you for your favorable consideration to join AAABSE, Inc. / TABSE in advance. Please spread the good news and have a great remaining school year!

Regards and Continued Blessings,

Nolan H. Anderson, Jr.