Dear Educator(s) and Friend(s):

On behalf of the executive committee and members of the Alamo Area Alliance of Black School Educators (AAABSE), now a non-profit organization, an affiliate of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE), and member of NABSE (National Alliance of Black School Educators), we cordially greet you with a warm, big “Hello”” and welcome to our website.

Since AAABSE’s founding and in view of its goals, we as educators are continuing to be involved and to challenge and encourage all students, especially of ebony and other hues of color the importance of an education. Particularly, we strive to help them build up their persona of having a positive self-image, good thinking skills, strong- positive attitude towards an intellectual conviction, stress the expectation of achieving a higher education and providing a sense of being a productive, morale citizen. Additionally, we continue to be committed to further nurture and recognize the accomplishments/achievements of our outstanding teachers (unsung classroom hero’s/shero’s) who struggle with the daily processes in educating socio-economically disadvantage students and those with special needs.

To enhance our student involvement and recognize the many accomplishments/achievements of area districts’ teachers, AAABSE sponsors the following annual main events:

  1. District Wide Middle School Bullying Symposium (October)
  2. Teacher of the Year Awards Event (spring and fundraiser for graduating high school student scholarships)
  3. Student Enrichment Program (summer tutorials)
  4. Professional Development Program (to impart information for improved teaching techniques/methodologies and resolution of several educational, community, social issues, and career advancement potential)

AAABSE continues forming partnerships with other civic/educational organization to broaden our scope of involvement to further enhance the community’s educational endevadors.

We welcome you as a member of AAABSE/TABSE and also, cordially invite you to our monthly meetings held on the second Tuesday of each month, starting at 6:00 pm, St. Philip’s College or virtually.  You may download our membership form and mail   it along with a payment of fees to AAABSE, attn.- Dorothy Carroll, P. O. Box 200935, San Antonio, TX 78220 or contact Dr. Patsy Newborn at (210) 313-5463 or Claudette Anderson, (210) 262-3424 for more details.

Thank you for your favorable consideration to join AAABSE in advance and have a great year.

Regards and Continued Blessings,

Nolan H. Anderson, Jr.